2022 Wrapped Up

Countries visited: Belgium
Airplane flights: none
Most liked photo on social media: Draw This In Your Styl for Paloma the peach.

Hours of music: 27,964 min / 466 hours
Top 5 most played genres: Hip-Hop, Pop, Alternative, Dance, R&B & Soul.
Most played song: Just A Kiss (Muah) – Enisa
Song I had in my head most often: The Contours – Do You Love Me

Number of books read: Have not finished a book this year. oops!

Some series I’ve seen this year: Rings of Power, House of The Dragon, Mayans MC, Vampire Diaries (started again), Peaky Blinders, Wednesday, Somebody feed Phil, Stranger Things, Moon Knight, Willow, The Wither Blood Origin,

Favorite series(s):
Rings of Power & House of the Dragon.

Some new movies I’ve seen this year:
Enola Holmes 2, Jingle All the Way, Pinocchio, Wonder woman 1988, Encanto, Red Panda, Christmas Prince, Shang-Chi and The legend of The Ten Rings, Hocus Pocus 1+2,

Favorite Thing(s) I’ve Made:
The facade illustrations for LOTS Coffee & Brunch club is number 1. In second place is the portrait I made of Duke the boxer. All pet portraits deserve a special place. Actually, I’m a little proud of all the works I’ve been able to make this year!

Best quote: I came across this one sometime in November and it is so appropriate ‘Anxiety overestimates the threat and underestimates your ability to deal with it’.

Sketchbooks filled: 2.3? I have no idea… I am currently working in 6 different sketchbooks. Maybe I should make it a challenge to fill 1 within an x number of days. Good idea? Let me know!

How many new products made: Embroidered pendants (10), new postcards (8), felt Christmas ornaments (10).

Artists I’ve come to admire this year: Chris Hong (@chrishongart), Katie Mai (@bykatiemai), Ashleigh King (@ashleighkingart), Jessica Karpishin (@jess.karp), Sarah ‘Satsch’ @studiosatsch).

Favorite Medium of the Year:
Pencil. Both color and graphite pencils.

Favorite Color of the Year:
Sea green.

Challenges Completed:
2. Peachtober & Advent challenge.

Best date: We’ve done so much again (luckily!). But my fondest memory is going to a shopping evening with Richard and leisurely shopping for a gift for my mother (scored a new scarf for myself!) and then rewarded ourselves with MC Donald’s. Such a simple thing but I had the best time.

Shit Day: Sometime in October. December as a month was definitely not easy either. I probably planned way too much in advance and of course the month is already busy with all the social obligations. Lesson learned for next year; plan less in advance in December!

Moments when I felt so happy I could burst:
Small car rides in the summer, picking up fresh cherries. Being able to go to birthdays and parties again. And meet Sunny the puppy!

Moments I’m proud of: First time at markets! That was quite a win. And seeing my work on the coffee cups at LOTS and actually being able to hold it. Oh and my tiktok video that was broadcasted on national TV! At the beginning of this year I made an illustration to draw attention to the war in Ukraine. The proceeds of this illustration (the work has been auctioned) went to Giro 555.

Best Purchase: My New Lucy & Yak Garments! In the summer I bought my first boiler suit and in December the first dungarees. With my height (185cm) and larger size it is quite difficult to find something suitable.

2022 in pictures

January / Trying something new by making comics. The mini sketchbook was also a hit! I made these mini books from scraps of sketch paper. 2022 is the year of the tiger so I made this new sticker!

February / My entry for a ‘draw this in your style’ challenge hosted by Sophie McPike. I also joined the ‘Drawing sessions’ given by @oddorangestationary for the first time. At the end of February I got a real taste for making animal portraits.

March / The sunflower field I made to draw attention to the situation in Ukraine. Trying out new ink! Drawing sketches in my journal. I was ready for spring!

April / I asked on instagram ‘what should I draw?’ And then someone responded with mushroom fairy. I have developed this further. I also made new flyers based on my toolbox. At the end of April I bought micron pens in Vincent van Gogh theme. I made these flowers based on his work.

May / I participated again in a ‘Drawing Session’ where people were the theme. The beautiful portrait of Duke the boxer! And this month, for the first time, I was able to experience a bit of what a market entails.

June / I was allowed to make a beautiful illustration of their building for LOTS in Arnhem. I made embroidered pendants for the first time and had my first makers market at Beum at the end of the month!

July / This month we had a holiday and I tried out my new gouache paint! I also tried to keep a ‘messy sketchbook’ and was allowed to make a nice personal illustration for a family expansion.

August / The month in which it is my birthday and for which I made a beautiful illustration, with cake of course. Was allowed to illustrate a beautiful house and sketched a lot.

September / I caught pumpkin fever early on and prepared for Peachtober.

October / Participated in the Peachtober challenge. Drawing session 7 ‘animals’ and visited Arnhem.

November / Exciting moment because the Christmas cards are on sale again and I got to let my card mill shine at Everything Sweet. Also prepare a little bit for the Advent challenge.

December / Alles stond in het teken van de Kerst fair bij Wilgenhart. Voorbereiden en de dag zelf was ijskoud maar wel gezellig! Ook meegedaan met de Advent Challenge en maakte een mooie laatste illustratie voor de kerst.