2023 Wrapped

Minutes music: 37,053

Top musical artists: 1. Bear McCreary 2. Måneskin 3. Lost Frequencies 4. Hozier 5. The Black Keys.

Top Genres: Pop, Rock, Alternative, Worldwide, Dance. 

Most liked photo on social media: this lady that I drew for the #tekenuurtje. She got 122 likes.


Books that I have read: 4 books finished, 2 books still reading and 3 books on the to-read list.

Best book read this year: The Cloisters: A Novel by Katy Hays had and exciting tone throughout the book and an end that I didn’t see coming. I also read “The Girl in the Eagle’s Talons” but found it less fascinating.

Seen number of films: between 20 and 25. I think. In 2024 I will keep track of which.

Series watched: The Wheel of Time S2, The Witcher S3, Lupin S3, Da Vinci’s Demons S1-2, The Vampire Diaries S1-2, Gilmore Girls (seen for the first time!), The Last Kingdom S1, Loki S2,

Money earned with my work: slightly less than € 4,950. If you take off the taxes, expenditure for the company and fixed costs (telephone subscription, Patreon, Adobe package, bank costs, hosting etc.), about € 1,850 remains. For some context: an average income for a full-time job in the Netherlands is between € 24,000 and € 40,000 per year.

Favorite things I have made: * scroll through photos in her phone * what stands out for me are the fruit/citrus drawings. It was another way of working that I wanted to try and what I really liked. This year I have not made any new products because, as with so many, the sale was enormously returned this year.

Tastiest baked good(s): In March Richard and I made caramel-sea salt brownies for 80 people. A monster job but oh how nice they turned out. In August I baked a whole load of bagels that, if I say so myself, were quite tasty and in December I made Vanillekipferl. Tasty half -moon cookies!

Best quote: A quote from Da Vinci’s demons that I find very appropriate lately “Hell happens when the evil of this world exceeds our belief that we can conquer it.”

Sketchbooks filled: 2

Artists I started admiring this year: Kris Vardanega (@littletinyegg), Roxy van Bemmel (@whatsaroxy), Linda Toolsema (@lindatoolsema), Kim Olyslager (@kimolyslager), @tmlnkv.

Dear decision: To focus on what really feels good to me instead of what I think should feel good for me.

Shitest day: I can’t pick out a specific day were I thought ‘This must be the worst day ever”. The first few months of 2023 were harsh  due to illness in the family and my mental and physical health crashing (to me it felt like that). The stress and the physical impact of this period I’ve felt throughout the year and I am only now finding my feet again. Also one night Richard drove himself to the first aid at night. It turned out to be nothing too serious but that moment and the following days were quite intense. This year it turned out to be quite a challenge on itself.

Moments when I felt so happy that I could burst: I can’t remember a specific moment. I often experience small feelings of happiness like waking up and feeling well rested for the first time in months. Or if my day started with a massive panic attack (for no reason) and I’m able to solve it on my own. Those are not moments when I think “Oh how happy I am!” But moments that I truly feel “Well, this is progress because this used to feel a whole lot worse”.

Best purchase: Clothing from Lucy & Yak. Non Spon, I just sincerely love this brand and this year I was able to buy some nice pieces.

2023 in pictures

January – February – March / Unconsciously, I have been drawing many rabbits in the year of the rabbit! In February I tried a few assignments from the book ‘The 30-Day Sketchbook Project’ from Minnie Small and in March I participated again in an online drawing session given by Odd Orange.

April – May – June / My first attempt to work with Mixed Media. This means that you use two or three types of art supplies for 1 drawing. I prefer to use watercolor paint in combination with colored pencil. This year I was asked to design various birth announcements, including this personal card for Reza. In June I painted a whole series of flowers with aquarel for new cards, but unfortunately they were never realized. Maybe I will still design something with these flowers in 2024.

July – August – September / I follow Emily Thatcher on Instagram and got to know the ‘Animal Adventures Week’ because of her. This is a drawing challenge with prompts for a week in July. Augustus was dominated by my 30th birthday and in September I painted this house portraid and this was gifted to it’s new owners.

October – November – December / I participated in the #tekenuurtje in week 39 and made the rabbits for the Advent Challenge in November for December. Mid -December I participated in an online drawing session given by Sarah Dyer. We drew buildings from the Gaza region and had 15 to 20 minutes per drawing to sketch. To participate, you give a donation (you determine how much) and the proceeds from the donations went to Doctors Without Borders and Rivers of Mercy – Aid for Gaza. In total we raised just under € 1663.20.


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